The General Specific Lyrics

The lyrics are general, but they’re specific to the song.

The band of horses general specific is a song that talks about the struggles of life. The lyrics are very relatable and easy to sing along with.

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Band of Horses

“Islands on the Coast”

We were young and unafraid

Of anything that we faced

We were brave and we were reckless

And we never thought twice

About jumping in headfirst

Into whatever came our way

But now those days are gone

And we’re a little bit older now

And we’ve seen what can happen when you’re not careful enough So now we take our time We pick our battles And try to stay safe and sound But every once in a while We can’t help but long For those carefree days When all we wanted to do was run wild.

Marry Song Lyrics

I do, I do, I do, I do

I want to marry you

I’ll cook and clean for you

And buy you a wedding ring

If you will marry me

We can be married

Just like in a storybook scene

So won’t you please say “I do”?

I will, I will, I will, I will

Marry you

No matter what our families say

Or how much they may disapprove

All I need is your hand in mine

To make our marriage feel right

Together we can face anything

As long as we’re together Nothing can stop us from being happy So let’s start our lives off right by saying “I do”

Cigarettes, Wedding Bands Lyrics

We were smoking cigarettes, wedding bands

On the porch, thinking about the next day’s plans

The kids were running around in the yard

And we laughed ’til we cried at something somebody said

Those were the days my friend

We thought they’d never end

We’d sing and dance and drink and smoke

Until the sun came up again

But now those days are gone

And all we’re left with is this song

So take a drag of that cigarette

And listen to me sing

about those days when we didn’t have a care in the world. We were young and in love and life was just one big party. But now those days are gone and all we have to remember them by is this song. So take a drag of that cigarette and listen to me sing about the good times.

Islands on the Coast Lyrics

We were islands on the coast

Living in a postcard dream

Falling asleep to the sound of waves

Waking up to see the sun rise

We had everything we need

But we wanted more

More than just a view of the sea

We wanted to be part of it

So we left our island home

And went out searching for adventure

Now we’re sailing on the open sea

chasing our dreams

And even though we miss our island home sometimes

We wouldn’t trade this life for anything

Annie Band of Horses Lyrics

“Annie, don’t you cry

Don’t you fade away

We’ve been through so much together

And I can’t bear to see you go”

These lyrics from “Annie” by Band of Horses are both sad and sweet. The singer is saying goodbye to someone he loves, but he’s also telling her not to forget him. Annie is probably a metaphor for a lost love or someone who has died. Either way, the lyrics are very touching and will resonate with anyone who has experienced loss.

The “the general lyrics” is a song by the band The Beatles. It was released on the album “Abbey Road”. It is one of their most well-known songs and has been covered by many artists.

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