Honda Cbf190r Specifications

The Honda CBF190R is a fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine. The engine has a displacement of 190cc and produces 19 horsepower at 8500 rpm.

The honda cbf190r top speed is a Honda motorcycle that has been released in 2019. The bike has a top speed of 160 km/h and weighs only 78 kg.

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Introducing the Honda CBF190R Specifications! This bike is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable motorcycle. With features like a lightweight frame, powerful engines, and comfortable seats, the CBF190R is sure to satisfy riders of all levels. If you’re interested in learning more about this bike or finding out its price in Bangladesh, be sure to check out our website!


The Honda CBF190TR is a motorcycle that was introduced in 2015. It is part of the CBF series of motorcycles that Honda offers. The CBF190TR is a naked bike, which means it does not have a fairing or windscreen. It has an upright seating position and a low seat height, making it a good choice for shorter riders. The bike is powered by a four-stroke, 184cc engine that produces 18 horsepower. It has a five-speed gearbox and chain final drive. The CBF190TR has disc brakes front and rear, with ABS as standard. It has a fuel tank capacity of 13 litres and weighs 139 kg wet (with all fluids and fuel).

The Honda CBF190TR was released in 2015 as part of the CBF series

It is a naked bike with an upright seating position

The seat height is 790 mm, making it suitable for shorter riders

It is powered by an184 cc four-stroke engine which produces 18 horsepower

Thereis alsoa5-speed gearbox as well aschain final drive

For safety,theCBF190TR comes with disc brakes on both the frontand rear tires

As another safety measure, this model featuresABSasstandard

Fuel tankcapacityonthisHonda modelismostly13 litreswhiletheweightwetis139 kg


The Honda CBF190TR is a stylish and modern motorcycle that is sure to turn heads when riding. It features a sleek and aerodynamic design that is both sporty and sophisticated. The CBF190TR also has a spacious and comfortable seat that is perfect for long rides. Additionally, the motorcycle has a powerful engine that makes it capable of reaching high speeds.


The chassis is the main frame of a motorcycle that supports the engine, suspension and other components. It’s important to choose a motorcycle with a strong and durable chassis that can withstand the rigours of off-road riding.

Honda CBF190TR:

The Honda CBF190TR is a great option for those looking for a reliable and tough off-road motorcycle. It features a strong and durable chassis that can take on the most challenging terrain. The CBF190TR also has an impressive list of features including adjustable suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and an electric start.


The Honda CB190TR is a highly capable sportsbike that is perfect for those who love to ride hard and fast. It is powered by a 190cc, inline four-cylinder engine that churns out an impressive power output of 24.5 bhp at 10500 rpm and 17.3 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox and comes with features such as liquid cooling, fuel injection, and dual over-head camshafts (DOHC). The CB190TR also gets an Assist & Slipper Clutch (ASC) which makes shifting gears smoother while also reducing the chances of wheel-hop under heavy braking.


The CB190TR uses a twin-spar steel frame that has been designed to offer both rigidity and flexibility. This results in great handling characteristics as well as excellent feedback from the road surface. Suspension duties are handled by USD forks up front and a monoshock setup at the rear, while stopping power comes from dual 320 mm disc brakes at the front and a single 240 mm disc brake at the rear. The bike also gets ABS as standard, which is a great safety feature to have on a track-focused machine like this.


Some of the other notable features on the CB190TR include an all-digital instrument console, LED headlight and taillight, keyless ignition system, traction control system (TCS), launch control system (LCS), slipper clutch, quickshifter (up & downshift), etc. All these features come together to make the CB190TR a very capable track weapon that is also quite user-friendly thanks to its easy-to-use electronics package.


The CBF190TR is a great performer both on and off the track. It’s got plenty of power to take on any challenge, yet is still able to handle smoothly and effortlessly. The engine is extremely reliable, making it a great choice for those who want a bike that can be ridden hard without having to worry about mechanical issues. The suspension is also top-notch, providing excellent feedback and control no matter what the terrain. Overall, the CBF190TR is an extremely well-rounded motorcycle that should appeal to anyone looking for a high-performance machine.


The CBF190TR is priced at $7,499, which makes it one of the most expensive bikes in its class. However, its performance and build quality are top-notch, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a high-end machine.


The Honda CBF190TR is priced at $3,799 MSRP. The prices for the CBF190R and the CBF190RR are not yet released, but are expected to be slightly higher than the TR model.


There’s no doubt that safety is important when it comes to motorcycles. After all, you’re riding on two wheels and are exposed to the elements. But what about when it comes to choosing a motorcycle? Is there a difference in safety between different types of motorcycles?

The answer is yes, there definitely is. For example, sport bikes like the Honda CBR1000RR or Yamaha R1 have a much higher rate of accidents and injuries than standard bikes like the Honda CBF190TR. That’s because they’re designed for speed and performance, not stability and comfort.

So if you’re looking for a motorcycle that will keep you safe on the road, then the Honda CBF190TR is a great choice. It’s a standard bike with a low seat height and upright riding position, which makes it easy to control. Plus, it has plenty of power for highway riding but isn’t so fast that it’ll get you into trouble.


The Honda CBF190TR is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable motorcycle. It’s perfect for commuting or weekend rides, and its seat height is comfortable for most riders. The CBF190TR is also a great value, with a price that’s tough to beat.

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