Beneteau First 35 Specifications

The Beneteau First 35 is a sailing boat designed by Jeanneau Sailing France and introduced in the year 2000. It is a wooden monohull with a spade-type rudder, and has an overall length of 11.6 meters and a beam of 3.2 meters. The hull is constructed from mahogany plywood, and the deck is made of teak wood.

The beneteau first 35 review is a yacht that has been designed by Beneteau. The boat was built with the intention of being easy to use, and for those who are looking for a boat that can go on longer trips.

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Looking for a yacht that is both beautiful and efficient? Check out the Beneteau First 35 Carbon Edition! This luxurious vessel has all of the features you could desire, and comes equipped with some of the most advanced technology available. If you’re interested in learning more about this yacht or any other Beneteau models, be sure to visit our website today!


The Beneteau First 35 Carbon Edition is a high-performance racing yacht that combines the latest in carbon fiber construction with a classic design. This yacht is perfect for those who want to experience the thrill of competitive sailing without sacrificing comfort or style. The First 35 Carbon Edition features a spacious cockpit, comfortable accommodations below deck, and an impressive list of standard equipment. With a base price of $695,000, this yacht is sure to turn heads on the water.

Design and Construction

The Beneteau First 35 is a carbon edition yacht that was designed by Farr Yacht Design and built by Beneteau. It was launched in 2013 and its hull is made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The boat has a length overall of 34′ 9″ (10.6 m), a beam of 11′ 8″ (3.56 m), and a draft of 7′ 3″ (2.21 m). The displacement of the boat is 8,750 lbs (3,976 kg).

The First 35 has a masthead sloop rig with aluminum spars. The boat has a Hull speed of 7.5 knots.

The interior of the First 35 is finished in mahogany and teak woodwork with white Formica countertops in the galley. The layout features two double berths, one aft and one forward, as well as a U-shaped settee that converts to a double berth in the salon. There is also a head compartment with shower located aft of the main cabin area on starboard side.


The First 35 is powered by an Yanmar 3JH5E diesel engine that gives it a cruising speed of 6 knots and a maximum speed under power of 8 knots. Under sail, the boat can reach speeds up to 10 knots.”

Deck and Cockpit

The Beneteau First 35 Carbon Edition is a beautiful sailboat that is perfect for cruising and racing. The deck and cockpit are designed for comfort and performance, with plenty of room to move around. The carbon fiber hull makes this boat light and fast, while the keel provides good stability. The sails are easy to handle and the rigging is simple to use. This boat is perfect for beginners and experienced sailors alike.

below Decks

The Beneteau First 35 Carbon Edition is a performance-oriented racer/cruiser that combines the latest in construction and materials with classic Beneteau styling. The hull is constructed of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, which makes it both lightweight and stiff. The keel is a fin with a bulb, which provides excellent stability and tracking. The deck layout is clean and functional, with all lines leading aft to the cockpit. Below decks, the First 35 Carbon Edition features a spacious layout with plenty of headroom. There are two private staterooms, each with its own head, and a large salon area that includes a well-equipped galley.

The First 35 Carbon Edition is powered by a Yanmar diesel engine that produces 40 horsepower. This engine gives the boat plenty of power for cruising or racing, and it is also very fuel efficient. The boat has a cruising speed of approximately 7 knots and can reach speeds up to 12 knots under sail.

If you are looking for a fast, fun-to-sail cruiser that is also comfortable below decks, then take a look at the Beneteau First 35 Carbon Edition.

Engine and Systems

The Beneteau First 35 Carbon Edition is powered by a single diesel engine. The engine is located in the stern of the boat, beneath the cockpit sole. It is a freshwater cooled, naturally aspirated, indirect injection engine. The engine produces approximately 35 horsepower.

The boat has two fuel tanks, each with a capacity of approximately 40 gallons (150 liters). The fresh water tank has a capacity of approximately 100 gallons (380 liters).

The electrical system on the boat includes 12 volt DC and 110 volt AC systems. There are four batteries on board, two for the engine start and two for the house power. The batteries are charged by an onboard charger or by shore power.

There are several pumps onboard including a bilge pump, fresh water pump, and salt water washdown pump.

Sailing Performance

The Beneteau First 35 Carbon Edition is a high performance sailing yacht that is designed for racing. It is lightweight and fast, making it a great choice for competitive sailors. The carbon edition also comes with a higher price tag than the standard First 35, but this is to be expected given the materials and construction. The First 36 is another excellent option from Beneteau, and while it doesn’t have the carbon fiber hull of the 35 CE, it still provides excellent sailing performance. This model is also available for sale at a lower price point, making it a great option for those who want a high-performing yacht without breaking the bank.


The Beneteau First 35 Carbon Edition is the perfect yacht for those who want style, comfort and performance. She is fast, sleek and turn-key ready. The only drawback is her price tag, but for those who can afford it, she is definitely worth the investment.

Pricing and Value

The Beneteau First 35 Carbon Edition is an excellent value for a sailboat in its class. It is well-built, designed for comfortable cruising, and comes standard with many features that are optional on other boats. The suggested retail price for the boat is $429,000.

The First 35 Carbon Edition is part of Beneteau’s “First” line of sailboats, which includes the popular First 36 and First 40 models. The “First” line is known for its high quality construction, attention to detail, and modern styling. The Carbon Edition is a new addition to the line, and features a number of upgrades from the standard model, including carbon fiber reinforcement in key areas of the hull and deck.

While the retail price of the Carbon Edition may seem high at first glance, it is actually very competitive when compared to similar boats on the market. For example, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37 costs nearly $10,000 more than the First 35 Carbon Edition, while offering less interior space and fewer standard features. In terms of value for your money, the Beneteau First 35 Carbon Edition is hard to beat.

The “beneteau first 35 carbon edition for sale” is a yacht that was designed by Beneteau. The boat was originally built in France, but now it can be found on the market from all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which country was the Beneteau First 35 built?

Beneteau or Bénéteau, pronounced [beneto] in French, is a French sail and motor boat builder having operations in both France and the US.

Are Beneteau yachts any good?

Thousands of boaters throughout the globe have faith in the brand. More than any other kind of boat on the sea, Beneteau boats have shown to hold their value over time. Beneteau has received the CSI award for several years in recognition of its excellence in boat manufacture and customer service, together with the support of its dealer network.

Is Beneteau a good sailboat?

The quality of newer Beneteau sailboats is often higher than that of older ones. Few sailors think of these boats as being poorly constructed because of their reputation for using high-quality components. The hull glassing, cabinet materials, and fittings are all typically excellent out of the factory.

What does Beneteau mean in English?

Beneteau or Bénéteau, pronounced [beneto] in French, is a French sail and motor boat builder having operations in both France and the US.

Is Jeanneau owned by Beneteau?

Beneteau and Jeanneau boats are virtually the same brand with significant modifications in how the two of them operate since the Beneteau organization purchased Jeanneau in 1995.

What is the difference between Beneteau First and Oceanis?

same hull, deeper keel on the first model typically, and Harken winches (Lewmar for the Oceanis). Oceanis are more affordable as a basic model, but owners often add additional luxuries, so they average out.

What is Beneteau Clipper?

The Oceanis Clipper 311 is a swift cruiser that approaches bigger versions in terms of comfort. This Oceanis provides you much more than just the convenience of a Clipper’s size, including room, extensive equipment, and outstanding fairing that evenly distributes the load throughout the whole hull.

Does Beneteau own Dufour?

I’m afraid I’m unable to respond to your inquiry, but I can let you know that Dufour was acquired a few years ago when Dufor went bankrupt by the same business that owns Beneteau and Jeanneau.

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